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Cruel prince by Ashley Jade

Genre: New Adult
Year Of Publication: 20th August 2019
Publisher: independently published
Pages: 400 (Paperback)
My rating: 5/5

Welcome to their kingdom…

I never thought I’d step foot in Royal Manor again.
But four years later, here I am…back to finish my senior year at Royal Hearts Academy.

And forced to face Jace Covington.
My first friend. First crush. First kiss.
The one I left behind.

Only—he isn’t the same boy I gave my heart to.

This new Jace is as cruel as he is gorgeous.
And he’s determined to make my life a living hell.
Along with the rest of his glorified family and crew of tyrants.

They expect me to worship the ground they walk on like everyone else, but I’d rather eat dirt.

WARNING: Royal Hearts Academy is a New Adult/High School series of standalones filled with drama, a touch of angst, and boys who are bad to the bone. And when I say bad, I mean they are assholes with a capital A. If you’re looking for a safe, sweet romance, this series is NOT for you. At all! Please don’t say you weren’t warned.

Im going to start off with the warning in the blurb i have to say, this just made me want to read it even more!!!

WOW I absolutely loved cruel prince by Ashley jade and while reading this book i went through so many emotions, it brought them all to the surface which I totally wasn’t expecting, I certainly wasn’t expecting to be ugly crying while reading this book but the pain radiating off the pages totally gutted me.

I loved the characters in this book and am going to write a bit about them, Jace is a total douche but honestly I still totally fell in love him. Dylan i also fell in love with I found her so strong and totally badass and sooo cool she doesn’t take no sh*t which I loved about her. Dylan, Jace, Oakley, Sawyer, Cole and Bianca I loved them all and cant wait for more from their characters. I loved Oakley’s character and totally laughed my ass off at his silly comments.

I laughed, ugly cried and cursed throughout this story and i may of also totally swooned, Ashley Jade delivered a powerful, unputdownable and emotional story that has left me begging for more. cruel prince starts with a bang and never lets up from beginning to end.

i loved how the story was told from Jace and Dylan’s pov, I enjoyed the way it was written, i also loved how it went from the present and also had parts of the past. I found the story easy to follow and again I cant wait for more.

Cruel Prince is book 1 in the Royal Hearts Academy series. No cliffhanger.

“Okay, here’s the deal, fuckers. If anyone sees a chick named Sawyer, I need to speak with her immediately. We got a family emergency happening here.”

“My boy, Bugs, heard Christian was getting a rim job from some chick and she blew chunks everywhere but the toilet in that bitch.” Wow, that was way more information than necessary. Not to mention gross.”

“You talk an awful lot of shit for someone who can’t back it up, Taylor.” I want to wipe the gorgeous smirk off his face. “I can back it up, Covington. Trust me.” “Then prove it.” His hand finds the curve of my hip. “Kiss me like you’re mine. I dare you.”

“He’s the opposite of colorless. Jace Covington is blue. A beautiful, turbulent ocean full of depth… and an incandescent sky that only gives you small glimpses of all its radiant colors… before turning gloomy and dark. “I see you,” I breathe between kisses. “You’re my favorite color.”

“I’ve spent the last four years pining for the opportunity to destroy this girl’s life so I could watch her break. Who knew success would taste so fucking bitter.”

“There’s someone out there for you, Oak. And when you find her, I can guarantee you won’t be her second choice. You’ll be her first and only choice.”

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