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Five Reasons I Love Reading Tag.

Hi Bookish friends,

i created this tag and even though I’ve only been blogging for couple days i was stuck on what to post for today and didn’t have anything scheduled for it….. but then, I thought this would be a fun way to let everyone know five reasons why i love reading and interact with other bloggers and thought it would be a fun way to find out why they love reading….. so here goes…..

Tag the who created the tag (moi)

Write the five reasons you love reading

Tag five people or however many you want

  • I love reading is because i love escaping into another world and into the story you are reading, forgetting everything that going on around you and only focusing on the story…. i find this help a lot with my anxiety and helps me to relax.
  • when reading a book time goes faster and while reading time seems to fly when you get lost the story, the characters and the plot.
  • It’s an escape from everyday life! and sometimes everyday life can be a drag, and a book helps me escape from the world, anxiety and the reality of everyday life. I just generally enjoy it, I also love having a physical book in my hand or sitting in a nice cafe with my kindle and just having life pass you by for couple hours.
  • It allows you to escape into another world, I love reading when my children or in bed or when they are in nursery or school, I like to forget about stuff and learn and connect with the different characters in a book, i love reading and learning about the different places in a story and some characters in books can be someone you can relate to.
  • for the last reason in going to say my i love reading with a nice coffee and some chocolate and just relax, i know I’ve already said i find it relaxing and helps my anxiety and it really does. i find if i read in bed before i go to sleep i find it a lot easier, where if i haven’t read i become restless and anxious and some times even have night terrors. I’m not saying this stops my anxiety I’ve just found it helps.

I tag:

Natacha in reviewland

A writing soul’s story

Lala’s book reviews

Holly loves books

hooked on bookz

Stacked reviews

of course if anyone else wants to do it consider yourself tagged!!!!

so these are some of my reasons for why i love reading books, i hope you enjoy my tag…. i want to apologise in advance if something like this has already been done, i’m new and have only seen a couple of tags and wanted to be involved with all you lovely bloggers.

I would love to hear your thoughts on this tag

lets chat


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