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Weekly Wrap up| Sunday 20th June |

Hey bookish friends,

A cant believe how fast my first week blogging has gone, ive connected with some lovely bloggers and cant wait to see where blogging takes me. I thought i would do a weekly wrap up and maybe a one at the end of the month aswell…. I dont know if its one or the other or if you can do both?

So onto the post…. What ive posted this week:

This was my first blog post and i thought what a great way to intoduce myself through a tag you can check it out here…. Book blog newbie tag

My first review i posted was Cruel prince by Ashley Jade  you can check it out here…. Cruel prince by Ashley Jade

Another review i posted was the boys of Tommen series by Chloe Walsh you can check it out here….. Binding 13 and Keeping 13 by Chloe Walsh

I done my first www wednesday which i really enjoyed WWW Wednesday

I creates my own tag…. Yes me a newbie that has only been blogging a week lol hope you check it out… Five Reasons I Love Reading Tag.

I Joined the book blogger hop which i enjoyed but would never be seen in a haunted house (im very easily scared) check it out here… Book blogger hop |Oct 18-24

So thats how my first week went, surprising well and i enjoyed it all bonus.

How was your week?

Let’s chat


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