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This Or That Tag!

Hey everyone,
I thought i would do a tag today as i dont have anything sceduled, i was tagged by the lovely leelynn @sometimesleelynnreads please check out her lovely blog. So heres my answers to this tag.

Both!! I read on my couch then takr my book to bed aswell, honestly i read everywhere and anywhere.

I like both, honestly i dont mind!!

Sweet all the way, even though im sweet enough 😂, i love a good chocolate while im reading 📖 im not one for salty.

I love a good trilogy, nothing better than binge reading a series, unless there’s a cliff hanger, which i love but hating waiting for the next one to be out.

I read on both, i always like to read in a morning with a coffee brew and a book before the kids wake up, i literally read every chance i get so i also read in the pm once the kids are in bed, it helps me sleep.

Either, i like both i think, i dont mind.

I honestly love both, especially my local library atm as it has had the books ive wanted in, i also love a book shop, nothing better than being surrounded by books, although that statement can be for libraries and bookstores.

Again both!! I reviewed binding 13 and keeping 13 by chloe walsh not long ago, i loved how these book made me break my heart for the characters…. Like ugly crying but also made mr laugh out loud throughout the books.

I have no idea i just like a pretty cover

Both!!! I love connecting with the plot and charcters in a story, in easy lol

I tag anyone who wants to do this tag!!! Hope you enjoy it.