Bookish Friday | Books I hope to read in 2020

Hey everyone,

I’ve just seen this meme created by niffler reads and lau reads and thought it’s something I would enjoy to join in here’s my first one.

What is Bookish Friday?

Bookish Friday is a weekly bookish meme created in October 2019 by Niffler_Reads and Laureads_.

How does it work?

Every Friday they will post a list of bookish things pertaining to a prompt which they have figured out in advance. See their posts for the list of prompts and which dates they will be posting about them (OCT-JAN), closer to the end of JAN they will post another 4 months worth of prompts, so you will always know in advance.

They haven’t specified any particular amount which you have to write about – you can just do you, write a list of 5, 10, 15 etc, or whatever you feel like. They invite you to put your own spin on things.

This weeks prompt is Books I hope to read in 2020.

They are so many books I wish to read in 2020 but I’m only naming 5 books that I hope to read.

1. Illuminae series by jay kristoff

2. Poppy war by R.F kuang

4. Serpent and dove by Shelby mahurin

4. Children of virtue and vengeance by Tomi adeyemi

5. Girls of storm and shadow by Natasha Ngan

6. Saving 6 by Chloe Walsh

Okay so I went with 6 but I couldn’t leave saving 6 off the list as I’m dying for this book!!

What are you hoping you hoping to read in 2020?

14 thoughts on “Bookish Friday | Books I hope to read in 2020”

  1. All of these except Illuminae are on my TBR. I’m hoping to get a couple of these done too. Illuminae was so amazing I hope you enjoy it


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