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Hey everyone

Today, I am doing the Finished Books Tag, i was tagged not so long ago by the lovely forbooksake check out her blog.


1 – Do you keep a list of the books you have read?

I keep track of my books That I’ve read on Goodreads and My blog and also write down what books Ive read as the year goes by.

2 – If you record statistics, what statistics do you record?

I try not to pay attention to statistics as it gets me down and then feel like my blog isn’t good enough.

3 – Do you give star ratings for books and if so, what do you score books out of and how do you come about this score?

1 STAR – Really didn’t enjoy it, probably DNF’ed.
2 STAR – Didn’t enjoy it, but managed to get through it
3 STAR – It was okay, but probably didn’t love it
4 STAR – I really enjoyed it, and would probably be able to re read.
5 STAR – I loved it, and would definitely read it again and again and again.

4 – Do you review books?

Yes I do. I try to review every book I read, and share it on here and GoodReads.

5 – Where do you put your finished books?

I keep them!! There mine all mine!! Lol yes I keep all my books I’m a book hoarder my house has books all over I really need to invest in a book shelf.

6 – Do you have any other rituals for when you have finished a book?

When I finish a book I like to write most of my review straight after depending on the time sometime I finish a book at 3 in the morning and I have to wait till I’ve had some sleep to write it.

I’m Tagging:

You! And anyone who wants to be tagged !

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