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| Review | Tough Sh*t by Sheridan Anne

Genre: Young Adult

Published : 7th July 2020

Pages : 327

My rating : 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

Moving in with a billionaire playboy is supposed to be some sort of Cinderella story, right? I’m supposed to be having the time of my life while living the dream. 

When the bank took our home, it didn’t come as a surprise. The bomb was when mom told me we were moving out of Breakers Flats, away from my crew, and to a place that only existed in fairy tales—Bellevue Springs. Home of the insanely beautiful, rich, and famous.

Only, Bellevue Springs is far from a fairy tale. It’s a nightmare full of secrets, horrors, and the ugly reality of the one-percenters, but without this move, mom and I are up sh*t creek without a paddle.

We don’t belong here—not even as the help.

I should have been prepared. I should have done my homework so at least that way I wasn’t blindsided by Charles Carrington’s son; my new housemate.

Colton F*cking Carrington.

He’s the definition of an arrogant, entitled prick and he’s determined to make my life a living hell. Guess what, Colton? Where I’m from, you don’t start a war unless you intend to finish it, and that’s exactly what I plan to do.

You can’t take down a girl who has nothing left to lose.

We may be on your territory, but this is my game.

WARNING: Rejects Paradise is a Young Adult / New Adult Dark High School Bully Romance series. It features dark themes and mature content.

Well my first daft of this review was to rant and rave and swear but I didn’t know how that would go down to people reading my reviews but holy Sh*t this book did not end like that…. oh yes it bloody did and on probably the best cliffhanger going and guess what?? I have to wait till AUGUST for the next book, I could literally cry my eyes out I need the next one now!!!! Like ASAP!!!

When I first saw this book on kindle unlimited it was the title that drew me in, then The story drew me in until I couldn’t stop turning the pages. I love this book!!!

My god I loved Oceania’s character , she’s badass and takes more grief and sh*t then a girl should take but she takes it like a badass and gives it straight back twice as bad. I loved all the males in this story, I loved the rich assholes ( sorry about the language but no other words to describe them) Colton , Charlie and spence, I didn’t like Judd I felt something off about from the start. I also loved her crew , Dominic , Sebastian, Elijah and Kario to be honest though there badass who wouldn’t love them , protective, alpha males that are assholes.

Anyways enough gushing about the characters , I found a new author to add to my favourites, she drew me in from the very start and kept me there till the very end and then how it ended made me so angry I mean how can you end it on that type of cliffhanger, honestly I’m gob smacked and can’t wait for the next book coming in August.

I’m going to apologise again about the swearing , I normally don’t write a review like this but holy crap I just can’t stop😬

“What have I always told you?” he questions, pulling back to meet my eyes. I roll my eyes and can’t help but feel some of the tension dissipating from within me. “Don’t be the bigger person—slash their tires.”

“But just to be clear, I thought you were more exciting than this. I checked all the upstairs bedrooms, hoping to find you in the middle of a gangbang sandwich. When I couldn’t find you, I thought maybe you’d be handcuffed to your bed and was stuck. I only came down here because it was my last option and I’m sorry to tell you, babe, but finding you sulking out here with absolutely no dicks flying around your face is really killing my Ocean Munroe is a bad bitch vibe.”

“You better take that back before I give you a gangbang sandwich with my fist, then trust me, you’ll be the one butthurt.”

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  1. I want to check this out based off the cover alone! From your description, it sounds like a case where I can judge a book by its cover. 😉

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