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| Review | Crew Princess by Tijan

Genre: young adult

Publication: 19th August 2019

Pages: 302 (kindle)

Series : Crew #2

Being crew is walking between two worlds. 
One world is normal: Prom. Parties. College. 
Those are the concerns they worry about. 

In our world, we deal with other situations. 
Cops. Drugs. Brawling. 
That’s a typical day for us. 

But what if it wasn’t? 

What if there came a day when you stopped? 
When you considered letting your enemies win? 
When you didn’t fight back? 
When you chose a different path? 

First I lost my family. Then I got the Wolf Crew. 
I couldn’t lose them too. 

But what happens when Cross, Zellman, and Jordan keep going…
…and I don’t?

I’m not going to go into this review loads as I don’t want to spoil it for everyone and I have no idea how to review a second book in a series and not give anything away , so I’m going to keep this short and sweet.

I absolutely loved Crew Princess by Tijan and it was great following the story on from Crew, check out my review here>> Review | Crew by Tijan.

Crew princess gave me all the feels I had in the first book crew, even though this was a re-read it gave me all the feels I had the first time reading it. I loved seeing old characters from the fallen crest series and Bren’s brother Channing and Heather who were In The fallen crest series and now they have there own book called the boy I grew up with.

I can’t wait for the third book in this series I’m like a jumping jack at the thought of this and every time I see a promotion online about when it is going to come out I do a little happy dance … it’s getting closer!!

This is what we did, our crew. One of us needed something, and we were there.”

”I need to see you, Bren. Not the you in my arms right now, not the you you show everyone else. I need the real you, the one I know you hide. I need you.”

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