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| review | Say your sorry by Karen Rose

Publication date: 14 February 2019

Publisher: headline

Pages: 561

Series: Sacramento book 1

My rating 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

When a killer closes in, there’s only one way to stay alive. Say You’re Sorry is the gripping first book in a brand new series from Sunday Times bestselling author Karen Rose.

A serial killer is on the loose in California, leaving letters carved into the torsos of his victims.

When Daisy Dawson fights off a masked attacker one night, she grabs a necklace from around his neck. What she doesn’t know then is that she’s found the missing link to a cold case that Special Agent Gideon Reynolds has been tracking for seventeen years. With Daisy’s help, he finally has the opportunity to get closer to the truth than ever before. 

But it soon becomes clear that Daisy’s attack was just the beginning. Now the bloodied bodies of young women are showing up all over the state. As Gideon tries to track down the killer, it’s clear he has a new target. Daisy is in more danger than they ever could have realised…

I really enjoyed this book, Karen Rose is a favourite author of mine and loved that she was bringing a new book out ( I have all her others).

In this you get to meet many new characters , you have Daisy and Gideon that are the main characters , you also get the POV from the killer aswell. I find reading Karen’s books that I love reading from the three POV and always have.

I really enjoy how Karen rose manages to have romance , mystery and serial killer all in one book, I can’t find any books similar to her writing style with the romance and thriller.

I find Karen Rose’s writing flawless and love how it all blends. Her writing is easy to follow with plenty twists and turns that keep you on the edge of your seat and can’t wait for more of her work.

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  1. Hello, I read your tweet over on Twitter and I thought I would check out your (very lovely) blog.

    It takes time to form connections in the book blogging world but there are some wonderful people around.

    Great post and I quite enjoy Karen Rose too! β™₯️😁

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