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Hey everyone, how’s your weekend so far? I thought as I haven’t blogged much the last couple days I would do a tag post.

I found this tag over at urlphantomhive and enjoyed her answers, make sure to check out their bookish posts, I wasn’t tagged in this tag but thought it would be fun to do.

1) What do you like about buying new books?
Everything. I love when a book is posted through my door I get all excited and do a happy dance but I also love going into bookstores and gazing around at the books for hours.

2) How often do you buy new books?
It depends on how much money I have ,I probably buy one book a week if not more, it all depends on my mood.

3) Bookstore or online book shopping: which do you prefer?
I love going in a book store it makes it a better experience than buying online but I don’t have many stores around me there is only a WH Smith near me or the library which doesn’t have many books.

4) Do you have a favorite bookshop?
Not really as my previous answer I only have a WH Smith that’s local but I love going to Waterstones and buying a book and going upstairs to the cafe and having a coffee and a read.

5) Do you pre-order books?
Yes!! I preorder from my favourite authors and if I know one of there books is coming soon I pre order.

6) Do you have a monthly buying limit?
No I don’t , I don’t think I have ever needed one.

7) How big is your wishlist?
I don’t have a wish list when I get books it’s a spare of the moment thought.

8) Which three books from your wishlist do you wish to own right now?

As I said I don’t have a wish list as such but books I really want are:

  • Saving six by Chloe walsh – I have waited so long for this book and I’m not sure when it will be out but hopefully it won’t be much longer.
  • Anything by Karen rose
  • Anything by tijan

I’ve found my answers are very different to many others who have done this tag and maybe I’m not a bookaholic but I do love books.

I’m not going to tag anyone but if you want to do this tag then your tagged!!!

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