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| Review | Cocky F*ck by Sheridan Anne

Rape. Death. Injustice.

Bellevue Springs is not the place I thought it was going to be.

Meeting Colton Carrington has changed my life but the jury is still out on how he changed it. Good … bad? I guess I’ll find out. I live in a dark world, but he was a darkness that was welcomed, a darkness that I certainly wasn’t prepared for.

Missing people. A dead billionaire. Gang war. Sexism.

When does it end?

Nic is bearing down on me. He wants me back in Breakers Flats where he can protect me, but I can’t walk away, not now that the secrets are finally starting to spill. People aren’t who they say they are and being careful in a rich man’s world becomes more important than ever before.

Will I survive this or am I destined to fail?

All I know is that death has never come so close and for the first time in my life … I’m f*cking terrified.


WARNING: Rejects Paradise is a Young Adult / New Adult Dark High School Bully Romance series. It features dark themes and mature content.

Wow I don’t know how Sheridan Anne does it, once again I’m left wanting more of this series , she totally captured my attention again and kept be reading from the start to end. I literally only started reading cocky shit and have finished in a couple hours, I couldn’t stop.

I love all the characters In this series, Sheridan Anne knows how to keep your attention throughout this book and honestly shocked me a few times while reading. I love Ocean’s character , she has a backbone, won’t take any crap and knows how to stand up for herself. I also love Colton, Charlie and Sebastian.

I really enjoyed the authors writing style and how she describes the characters and the plot, she knows how to tug on your emotions and make you feel many. I’m so late on writing this review, I honestly thought I had already published it but it just shows that the story has stayed me since I read it as I still have all the feels for this book and can’t wait for the next one!

My Rating 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

This book is part of a series and is the second book, it continues straight on and should be read in order and it may have some triggers, you can check out my review for the first book here

| Review | Tough Sh*t by Sheridan Anne

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