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September Wrap up | October TBR

Hey everyone ,

My life is so hectic lately, I’ve been so stressed, worried and busy that I didn’t even click it was October and totally missed doing my September wrap up and this months TBR. I’ve got so much going on lately with the kids back in school, going to interviews to get back into care , and looking after a family member who has rapid dementia time is flying by. I don’t even know how I missed it as I know my little boys birthday is the 10th of October, I just didn’t but two and two together but better late than ever.

Blog Tour | Odd bird by Lee Farnsworth

| Review | Five Little Words by Jackie Walsh


| Review | The girls in the snow by Stacy Green

|Review| Barbie B*tch by Sheridan Anne

| Review | Cocky F*ck by Sheridan Anne

|Review| Dear Arron by Mariana Zapata

|Review| Just A Little Christmas By Janet Dailey

| review | For Reasons unknown by Michael Wood

|Review | The Havoc We Wreak by Becca Steele

Review | The secrets we hide by Becca Steele

| Review | The lies we tell by Becca Steele

WWW WEDNESDAY | 23 September 2020

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Hello September | Monthly TBR

I have so much going on but the new thing in my life is my search for a job, I have always loved working in care and I’m dying to get back into it . In the last week I have had 3 interviews and got the job for all three , now I just have to decide which company to go for. I honestly have a passion for being in a care setting and can’t wait to get out help people who need it.

These are all the books I’m going to try read, many of these were on my September tbr but I never got around to them.

All together I read 11 books which was really good for me , what did you read in September ?

5 thoughts on “September Wrap up | October TBR”

  1. Sounds like things have been super crazy. Good luck with everything! I know how hard it can be having a family member with dementia–my father in law has it and is now in a quick decline and it’s rough on everyone but especially my mother in law who has care of him still. Best wishes!

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