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| Review| The not-outcast by Tijan

The Not-Outcast and all-new sports romance from New York Times bestselling author Tijan is coming December 1st!

Cutler Ryder was everything I wasn’t.

He was the hockey star. I was an outcast.
He was best friends with my stepbrother, that same stepbrother who hated me.
His two parents loved him. My mom was a junkie. My dad barely knew me.

Years passed.
I got my life together.
Cut went onto NHL stardom.

Then there was a text.
I was drinking.
There was a party.
Cut was there…

I loved Cutler Ryder since the first moment I saw him.
The only problem? He never knew I existed.

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I have always loved Tijans books so when I seen on Facebook that you could sign up for a arc and review I didn’t hesitate and have to say was bouncing when I got the email to say I had received the Arc.

I found this book so different to her other ones and in a good way, it held my attention from the very start to the very end and I’m still left wanting more.

Cheyenne’s character is amazing while my heart went out for her in this story , I loved her from the very beginning. Cheyenne’s character brought so many emotions out it me I cried for her and then was laughing not long after. I loved how her character had mental health issues, she has some type of hyperactivity disorder where she cant focus on certain things because she sees everything going on around her and with social interactions where she can’t read social cues and breaks down if she misses her medication , I was routing for her from the very beginning.

I heard the yelling, then a wave of everything else hit me. 
And it hit me hard. 
The smells of the club rose up swiftly. 
The techno music, the hard bass, 
the neon lights flashing flooded me. 
Sweat. Grime. Beer. Perfume. Cologne. 
And other smells that I didn’t want to identify. 
It was jarring, and I sucked in my breath, 
remembering to fortify my walls.

Cutlers character captured my heart , he’s always been the hockey star and is now in the NHL, he was always so focused on hockey he never noticed Cheyenne in high school even though it was his best friends step sister.

The romance in this story really caught my attention, I loved the way Cheyenne and cutlers characters came together and how he pretty much fell for her when he first met her officially and when he does he wants to her and about her. I found his character was so genuine and sweet and nice and I just loved him from the very beginning. I loved the descriptions of Cheyenne’s mental health disorder and how she was feeling at times and it brought so many emotions out within me.

I loved all the characters within this book, I loved the relationship between Cheyenne and her brother, I loved her fun quirky best friends and I really loved Cheyenne and Cutler’s characters. Tijan always writes amazing characters and knows how to draw your attention into the story.

This book brought so many emotions out in me, I cried, laughed then cried some more I don’t know how Tijan does it. I love everything about her books and won’t hesitate to one click buy when I haven’t read the blurb I just know I’ll love it.

My rating ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

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