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| Arc Review | Whisper island by Carissa Ann Lynch

Author : Carissa Ann Lynch
Publisher: One more chapter
Publication date: 5th February 2021
Genre: thriller / mystery
Pages : 308
My rating ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
Six of us are going to the island. Only one of us will make it back.
That one of us will be me.
For friends Riley, Sam, Mia and Scarlett, their trip to Whisper Island was meant to be a once in a lifetime adventure – just four young women, with everything to live for…
But as soon as they arrive things start to go wrong. First there is the unexpected arrival of Sammy’s drug addict brother and his girlfriend Opal – why are they here?
And then the deaths begin.
As the dream trip quickly turns into a nightmare, suspicion is high. Are they really alone on the island? Or is there a killer hiding in the shadows?
And as each of the girls reveals a dark secret of their own, perhaps the truth is the killer is closer than they think…just a whisper away…

I got really sucked into this story , it had me on the edge of my seat petrified and anxious to find out what would happen . I never thought I would love this book as much as I did , but I loved the authors writing style and found it different to what I’ve read before.

I really enjoyed all the multiple points of view throughout this , I thought it be might of been hard to follow with its changing between them but I found it really easy to follow still. I found each character added to the suspense.

I really couldn’t put this book down and read it within a day, this book was creepy, dark, emotional and kept me edge the edge of my seat the whole time while reading it, I found the author kept me guessing all the way through this book till the very end.

I have never read from this author before and since finishing I’ve already checked out her other books.

I received this book via netgalley in exchange for review, I want to thank netgalley and publisher for allowing me to read this .

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