About Me

Hi there, I’m Ashleigh and i love everything bookish which as you may have noticed by my blog name, I’m 28 years old and based in a little town near Newcastle ( I’m not a Geordie apparently i am a sand dancer lol)

I have loved reading for as long as i can remember, I always remember when i first fully starting reading at around the age of 11 I was in Australia visiting family for 6 weeks and my uncle used to sit and make me read to him, i cant fully remember what the books were called but i remember enjoying them and looking forward to reading with my uncle, if i didn’t read out loud to him he used to quiz me ( i always answered correctly) and that’s when i became a lover and never stopped.

At the moment my favourite genres to read are Young Adult, Romance and Chick lit but may also read from other genres.

This book blog is a place for me to chat about books im looking forward to such a new releases I’m excited to read, books I’m currently reading and course posting reviews and bookish things. I’m really looking forward to sharing my favourite and new reads with others, so if this sounds good and you share same or similar interests then please do follow.

The Bookish Chick ♥