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| Monthly Wrap up | January 2021 |my

Hey everyone can you believe it’s February? January for me was good apart from being unwell with covid but I’m a lot better now and back at work. I managed to read 7 books in January which isn’t a lot but was for me with being unwell. I managed to read 2 books yesterday as… Continue reading | Monthly Wrap up | January 2021 |my

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Goodbye November | Hello December

Hey everyone , I was planning on doing just a www Wednesday but I thought I would change it up abit on this post since is been so long that I haven’t blogged. There are a couple things I’m going to add in the post so it will be a sort of wrap up/ sort… Continue reading Goodbye November | Hello December

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September Wrap up | October TBR

Hey everyone , My life is so hectic lately, I’ve been so stressed, worried and busy that I didn’t even click it was October and totally missed doing my September wrap up and this months TBR. I’ve got so much going on lately with the kids back in school, going to interviews to get back… Continue reading September Wrap up | October TBR